AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-28disable unused features for tabletimx_l5.0.0_1.0.0-gaMatthias Rabe
2016-11-28MA-8048 Hwcomposer: Part of border was cut away if use HWComposer.Xiaowen Liu
2015-09-01MA-6590 add two variables to control virtual display dimension.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01Don't run large virtual displays through HWCDan Stoza
2015-09-01GLConsumer: correct EGL_NO_DISPLAY to EGL_NO_CONTEXTJesse Hall
2015-09-01Adding eglInitialize and eglTerminate image creation and deletion.Michael Lentine
2015-09-01MA-6457 fix screen wake up later than alarm clock ring.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01MA-6199-1 [Android_MX6Q/DL/SX/SL_SD/ARD/EVK]USB keyboard: F1~F12 can't work n...zhang sanshan
2015-09-01MA-6152 fix lcdif famebuffer tearing issue on 6sl&6sxLiu Xiaowen
2015-09-01MA-6008 fix GPU 3D clock abnormal enable/disableRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00254858 Remove unnecessary error logsXianzhong
2015-09-01MA-6099 fix there is unexpected rotation for dual display.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01MA-6158 fix bottom part of Thumbnail is black in Recent Task List.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01MA-6107 fix Wireless display&screenrecord show wrong format when set 16bpp.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01MGS-228 set NUM_FRAMEBUFFER_SURFACE_BUFFERS to 3 by defaultRichard Liu
2015-09-01MA-5877 fix screenshot not work issue on mx6sl_evkRichard Liu
2015-09-01MA-5839-2 Update android to Lollipop.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01MA-5839-1 Update android to Lollipopguoyin.chen
2015-09-01MA-5801 fix system freeze with simulate secondary display in settingsRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00323939 fix video playback screenshot mess issueRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00304168 fix show black screen for magnification gesture when play video.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01ENGR00307992-2 use KHR fence when current fence is invalidXianzhong
2015-09-01ENGR00307992 use KHR fence when android native fence is absentXianzhong
2015-09-01ENGR00302495 add setFramebufferTargetScissor interface.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01ENGR44307472 add ro.sf.hwrotation back to kitkat.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01ENGR00292763 fix virtual display output format issueRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00290615 WifiDisplay:disable VPU reorder functionJianzheng Zhou
2015-09-01ENGR00292629 Dim layer process by hwcomposer on KitKatRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00292415 fix mx6sl_evk screenshot not work issueRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00286762 fix dual display swap rectange mouse cursor ghostRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00289842 fix R and B color reverse issue on mx6sl_evkRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00289630 EGL load software opengl on mx6sl_evkRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00215174 update to pass build for android 4.4.Liu Xiaowen
2015-09-01ENGR00275212 enable alpha and dim layer process by hwcomposerRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00273268 add YUV format support in libagl eglCreateImageKHRRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00233809: Ethernet:fix two NFS issues as filesystemJianzheng Zhou
2015-09-01ENGR00273103 fixed i.MX6SL UI flicker with 2D accelerationXianzhong
2015-09-01ENGR00272567 Add BGRA8888 support in libagl and frameworkRichard Liu
2015-09-01ENGR00271884 enable i.MX6SL 2D acceleration for JB4.2.2Xianzhong
2015-09-01ENGR00269800 Support RGB565 FB deviceguoyin.chen
2015-09-01ENGR00251253 Fixed UI flicker with swap rectangleXianzhong
2015-09-01ENGR00243337 Enable swap rectangle for surfaceflingerXianzhong
2015-09-01ENGR00243333 Add showFPS feature in SurfaceflingerXianzhong
2015-09-01ENGR00234203 - Fix EGL initialization failure in QuadrantOliver Brown
2015-09-01ENGR00215174 add GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_FBX usage for FramebufferSurface.Xiaowen Liu
2014-10-21merge in lmp-release history after reset to afe2b1fadd29149ceed639357e44e06e9...The Android Automerger
2014-10-21surfaceflinger: don't close fence fds after passing to queueBufferJesse Hall
2014-10-21merge in lmp-release history after reset to 649bafb7ba2c3204295bc3451ff7af7e2...The Android Automerger
2014-10-20Merge "bufferqueue: workaround: allow NULL fence with queueBuffer (DO NOT MER...Jesse Hall
2014-10-19merge in lmp-release history after reset to 0b6acb2231baed861488f2d181621272d...The Android Automerger