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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-10tuxracer: fix LICENSEStefan Christ
2016-10-31tuxracer: Add tuxracer recipeWadim Egorov
2016-08-10es2gears: Remove egl and gles2 from RDEPENDSWadim Egorov
2016-08-10es2gears: Use GL_VIEWPORT to set the gears sizeWadim Egorov
2016-07-22cldemo: remove unnecessary checksumsStefan Christ
2016-07-22cldemo/es2gears: fix executable permissionsStefan Christ
2016-07-22es2gears: fix krogoth buildStefan Christ
2016-07-22cldemo: fix krogoth buildStefan Christ
2016-07-22es2gears: enable EGL double bufferingStefan Christ
2016-06-28es2gears: adapt es2gears.c for different platformsStefan Christ
2016-06-28es2gears: replace i.MX6 specific stuffStefan Christ
2016-05-10es2gears: fix warningStefan Christ
2016-04-05phytec-v4l-c-examples: version bumpStefan Christ
2016-03-11phytec-v4l-c-examples: fix file was not sourcedStefan Christ
2016-03-02examples: add recipe phytec-v4l2-c-examplesStefan Christ
2016-02-24clinfo/cldemo: remove i.MX6 HACKStefan Christ
2016-01-18clinfo/cldemo: remove i.MX6 dependenciesStefan Christ
2015-10-20es2gears: add OpenEGL and OpenGLES2 example for i.MX6Stefan Christ
2015-10-20recipes-examples: use new virtual/opencl for toolsStefan Christ
2015-06-01recipes-examples: add cldemoStefan Christ