AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysphytec-camera-examples: Update to version 1.2warriorStefan Riedmueller
5 daysBSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MM-PD20. Hemp
10 daysBSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MM-PD20.1-rc32.7.3-phy52.7.1-phy1Christian Hemp
10 daysmx6ul: rauc: system emmc: add pre- and post-install handlerAlbert Schwarzkopf
2020-06-18BSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MM-PD20.1-rc22.7.3-phy4Teresa Remmet
2020-06-08qtwebbrowser: update to latest version from qt 5.13.2Stefan Müller-Klieser
2020-06-03ipackagegroup-hwtools: add serialcheckJan Remmet
2020-06-02BSP-Yocto-i.MX6-PD20.1-rc22.7.3-phy3Stefan Riedmueller
2020-06-02lm_sensors: remove sensordJan Remmet
2020-05-28phytec-camera-examples: Update to version 1.1Stefan Riedmueller
2020-05-28opencv: Add cpp example binaries to imageStefan Riedmueller
2020-05-28secureboot: secureboot-fileencrypt: start login console for ubifsMaik Otto
2020-05-28weston-init: Remove shebang from environment configMartin Schwan
2020-05-28phytec-camera-examples: imx6: Add pseudocolor plugin as dependencyStefan Riedmueller
2020-05-28phytec-camera-examples: imx6: Fix multiline variable indentationStefan Riedmueller
2020-05-07BSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MM-PD20.1-rc12.7.3-phy2Christian Hemp
2020-05-07images: security: userauthentication: fix the lock to append additional extra...Maik Otto
2020-05-07change default ROOT_HOME to '/root'Norbert Wesp
2020-04-30recipes: change hardcoded root home directory to ROOT_HOMENorbert Wesp
2020-04-30recipes-images: packagegroup-hwtools: Add nfs-utils-clientDaniel Schultz
2020-04-21qt5: qtLauncher: Update deprecated shell extensionTeresa Remmet
2020-04-21recipes-graphics: weston-machine-units: Fix warningTeresa Remmet
2020-04-06BSP-Yocto-i.MX6-PD20.1-rc12.7.3-phy1Stefan Müller-Klieser
2020-04-06mx6: rauc: system emmc: rework handler pre- and post-installMaik Otto
2020-04-06mx6: rauc: add pre-, post- and secret handler to rauc installMaik Otto
2020-04-06rauc: add rauc post install handlerMaik Otto
2020-04-06rauc: add rauc handler for secretsMaik Otto
2020-04-06rauc: add rauc-pre-install handlerMaik Otto
2020-04-06recipes-graphics: weston-init: Use g2d on i.MX8MMTeresa Remmet
2020-04-06kernel: config: disable dm_debug in kernel configMaik Otto
2020-04-06secureboot: fileencrypt: change from hardcoded secrets partition to label nameMaik Otto
2020-04-06recipes-bsp: lm_sensors: Build lmsensors without sensordTeresa Remmet
2020-04-06recipes-bsp: lm_sensors: Backported PACKAGCONFIG for sensordTeresa Remmet
2020-04-02kernel: EXT4 Filesystem: add additional config for Activation EXT4_FSMaik Otto
2020-03-25recipes-images: packagegroup-hwtools: Add fancontrolTeresa Remmet
2020-03-25recipes-graphics: wayland: Only imx8mq needs special weston.iniTeresa Remmet
2020-03-24rauc: Depend on libubootenv when using u-bootMartin Schwan
2020-03-24rauc: Add system_emmc.conf for i.MX8M MiniMartin Schwan
2020-03-12rauc: Depend on phytec-dev-ca being installedMartin Schwan
2020-03-12recipes-core: base-files: Set prompt sign according to current userMartin Schwan
2020-03-12rauc: rework path to signing keys and certificatesMaik Otto
2020-03-12conf: distro: add variable init for protection_shield_levelMaik Otto
2020-03-12rauc: bundles: Fix IMAGE_BOOT_FILES array creationMartin Schwan
2020-03-12add depends on phytec-dev-ca and rework CERT_PATHMaik Otto
2020-03-12phytec-dev-ca: add recipe for install the phytec dev caMaik Otto
2020-03-12openssl-ca: remove rauc ca from recipeMaik Otto
2020-03-12classes:secureboot: rework to new pki path and bootloader reconfigurationMaik Otto rework script to create a pki treeMaik Otto
2020-03-11conf: distro: yogurt-secure: add PROTECTION_SHIELD_ROOT_PASSWORDMaik Otto
2020-03-11images: phytec-headless: add support for protectionshield and ramdisk build t...Maik Otto