AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysconf: layer: cert pathHEADmasterJan Remmet
3 daysconf: distro: add yogurt-vendor-secureMaik Otto
3 daysconf: distro: yogurt.conf: Add rauc to DISTRO_FEATURESWadim Egorov
3 daysopencv: Upgrade to 4.5.0Wadim Egorov
3 daysclasses: secureboot: Remove check for supported machinesAlbert Schwarzkopf
3 dayssystemd-conf: Enable watchdog by defaultYunus Bas
3 dayssystemd-conf: Remove default wired network configsYunus Bas
3 dayssystemd: Move machine specific parts to systemd-confYunus Bas
2020-11-12classes: secureboot: Add mx8mm supportAlbert Schwarzkopf
2020-11-12images: change fitImage in headless-image to phytec-simple-fitimageMaik Otto
2020-11-12rauc: sanitize variable assignmentStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-11-12layer.conf: bind compat to meta-phytecStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-11-12phytec-qt5demo-image: remove inherit of features_checkStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-10-30linux: Enable RAUC config fragmentMartin Schwan
2020-10-30wayland: weston-init: Add weston.ini for i.MX8MPTeresa Remmet
2020-10-30Revert "recipes-core: packagegroup-base: Switch back to old RDEPENDS"Yunus Bas
2020-10-30rauc: Add workaround to fix casync extract on boot-emmc slotsMartin Schwan
2020-10-30packagegroup-update: Depend on casyncMartin Schwan
2020-10-30rauc: bundles: Build casync bundles alongside regular bundlesMartin Schwan
2020-10-20linux-imx: remove appendStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-10-15mtd-utils: Fix path to include filesWadim Egorov
2020-10-15recipes-science: Remove clinfoWadim Egorov
2020-10-15recipes-support: htop does not rdepend on ncurses-terminfoWadim Egorov
2020-10-15packagegroup-wifi: Remove support for TiWi BLE Bluetooth/Wi-Fi ModuleWadim Egorov
2020-10-15kmsxx: Update recipe to match new project propertiesWadim Egorov
2020-10-15phytec-base-bundle: Change name of "do_unpack" taskCem Tenruh
2020-10-15phytec-base-bundle: Add dependencies for "do_emmc_boot" taskCem Tenruh
2020-10-09phytec-base-bundle: Change code of "do_emmc_boot" taskCem Tenruh
2020-10-09phytec-base-bundle: Set ownership to UID 0 for boot filesMartin Schwan
2020-10-07phytec-base-bundle: Change task order of "do_emmc_boot" taskCem Tenruh
2020-09-30distro: yogurt-vendor: Set gstreamer version to 1.16.2.imxTeresa Remmet
2020-09-23phytec-base-bundle: Properly declare Python tasksMartin Schwan
2020-09-23BSPYOCTOIMX6-1003 images: phytec-headless: add firmwared to imx6, 6ulRobert Karszniewicz
2020-09-14opencv: Upgrade to 4.4.0Wadim Egorov
2020-09-14rauc: Change mode of the udev-rule update-usb.rulesYunus Bas
2020-09-11recipes-graphics: wayland: weston-init: Update imx8 weston setupTeresa Remmet
2020-09-11recipes-graphics: wayland: Move weston.ini to weston-initTeresa Remmet
2020-09-11recipes-graphics: wayland: Remove webbrowser launcherTeresa Remmet
2020-09-11recipes-core: base-files: .bashrc: Escape colors with \[ and \]Stefan Riedmueller
2020-09-08recipes-images: Fix description of secureboot ramdisk recipe fitimageAlbert Schwarzkopf
2020-09-08fitimage: Use basename and first element of device tree listMartin Schwan
2020-09-08fitimage: Use variable for kernel fileMartin Schwan
2020-08-14opencv: Update opencv bbappend to 4.3.0Wadim Egorov
2020-08-14distro: Remove yogurt-ci distroWadim Egorov
2020-08-14drmgers: Remove recipeWadim Egorov
2020-08-14tuxracer: Remove recipeWadim Egorov
2020-08-06phytec-base-bundle: Create new bootloader images for emmc bootpartitionsCem Tenruh
2020-08-05rauc: Add bootloader slots for mx6/ul and mx8mm with eMMCCem Tenruh
2020-07-20recipes-qt: packagegroups: add nativesdk-qtdeclarative-toolsNorbert Wesp
2020-07-20classes: secureboot: change FIT vars to a stronger assignment typeAlbert Schwarzkopf