BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dunfellconf: layer: cert pathJan Remmet3 days
krogothBSP-Yocto-i.MX6-PD16.1.2Stefan Riedmueller24 months
masterconf: layer: cert pathJan Remmet3 days
mortyconf: distro: Move 'version-going-backwards' from ERROR_QA to WAR...Norbert Wesp24 months
pyroBSP-Yocto-AM335x-PD17.2.2Teresa Remmet2 years
rockorauc: Change mode of the udev-rule update-usb.rulesYunus Bas2 months
sumorecipes-support: htop does not rdepend on ncurses-terminfoWadim Egorov6 weeks
thudrecipes-support: htop does not rdepend on ncurses-terminfoWadim Egorov6 weeks
warriorconf: layer: cert pathJan Remmet3 days
zeusconf: layer: cert pathJan Remmet3 days
3.0.4-phy2meta-yogurt-3.0.4-phy2.tar.bz2  automatix ci34 hours
3.0.4-phy1meta-yogurt-3.0.4-phy1.tar.bz2  automatix ci3 weeks
3.1.3-phy1meta-yogurt-3.1.3-phy1.tar.bz2  automatix ci4 weeks
2.5.3-phy16meta-yogurt-2.5.3-phy16.tar.bz2  automatix ci3 months
2.5.3-phy15meta-yogurt-2.5.3-phy15.tar.bz2  automatix ci4 months
2.7.4-phy2meta-yogurt-2.7.4-phy2.tar.bz2  automatix ci4 months
2.7.4-phy1meta-yogurt-2.7.4-phy1.tar.bz2  automatix ci5 months
2.7.1-phy2meta-yogurt-2.7.1-phy2.tar.bz2  automatix ci5 months
2.7.1-phy1meta-yogurt-2.7.1-phy1.tar.bz2  automatix ci5 months
2.7.3-phy5meta-yogurt-2.7.3-phy5.tar.bz2  automatix ci5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysconf: layer: cert pathHEADmasterJan Remmet
3 daysconf: distro: add yogurt-vendor-secureMaik Otto
3 daysconf: distro: yogurt.conf: Add rauc to DISTRO_FEATURESWadim Egorov
3 daysopencv: Upgrade to 4.5.0Wadim Egorov
3 daysclasses: secureboot: Remove check for supported machinesAlbert Schwarzkopf
3 dayssystemd-conf: Enable watchdog by defaultYunus Bas
3 dayssystemd-conf: Remove default wired network configsYunus Bas
3 dayssystemd: Move machine specific parts to systemd-confYunus Bas
2020-11-12classes: secureboot: Add mx8mm supportAlbert Schwarzkopf
2020-11-12images: change fitImage in headless-image to phytec-simple-fitimageMaik Otto