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7 daysmachine: Remove deprecated phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2Teresa Remmet
12 daysu-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy5Christian Hemp
2020-06-18u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy4Teresa Remmet
2020-06-08barebox-secureboot: fix typoAlbert Schwarzkopf
2020-05-28barebox: imx6: Update recipe to v2019.11.0-phy2Stefan Riedmueller
2020-05-07u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy3Christian Hemp
2020-04-30u-boot: Update version of append-fileNorbert Wesp
2020-04-28recipes: inherit python3 bbclassesNorbert Wesp
2020-04-28conf: machine: Add support for phyboard-polis-imx8mm-3Teresa Remmet
2020-04-28u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy2Christian Hemp
2020-04-07barebox: imx6: boot scripts: Fix emmc decisionStefan Riedmueller
2020-04-02recipes-bsp: lm_sensors: Make fancontrol usable with imx8mmTeresa Remmet
2020-04-01barebox: /env/boot/net: Use TCP instead of UDP for NFSRobert Karszniewicz
2020-03-24libubootenv: Install machine specific fw_env.configMartin Schwan
2020-03-24barebox: imx6: Make sure mmc devices are probed before attempting to bootStefan Riedmueller
2020-03-24u-boot-imx: imx8mm: make deploy multi config awareJan Remmet
2020-03-12barebox 2019.11: add fitImage.fitimg depends on secureboot for kernel bootNorbert Wesp
2020-03-11barebox_2019.11.0: remove silent fails for barebox-secureboot.incMaik Otto
2020-03-11barebox-secure: add depends on phytec-dev-caMaik Otto
2020-03-11barebox-secureboot: update secureboot for barebox_2019.11+Maik Otto
2020-03-11barebox 2019.11: include barebox-protectionshield.incMaik Otto
2020-03-11barebox: add password depends on protectionshieldMaik Otto
2020-03-11barebox: config: Add config for password usageMaik Otto
2020-03-06machines: Add support for phycard-imx6-2Stefan Riedmueller
2020-03-06u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy1Teresa Remmet
2020-03-06conf: machine: include: Add a PREFERED_PROVIDER for the sterling-lwb moduleNorbert Wesp
2020-03-06barebox: imx6: Switch to use nv variables for network settingsStefan Riedmueller
2020-03-06barebox: imx6: Replace bootargs-ip by ip_route_getStefan Riedmueller
2020-03-06barebox: imx6: Fix CMA size for 2 GB RAM SOMsStefan Riedmueller
2020-03-06barebox: imx6: Leave CMA positioning to kernelStefan Riedmueller
2020-03-06barebox: imx6: Change RAUC example scriptsStefan Riedmueller
2020-03-06machine: Remove depreciated machine phyboard-polis-imx8mm-1Teresa Remmet
2020-02-21barebox: imx6: Use of_property for display timing adjustmentsStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-21barebox: imx6: Remove obsolete patchStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-21barebox: imx6: Unify boot scripts for all imx6 platformsStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-21barebox: imx6: Update DT node addresses in environmentStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-18firmware: laird-sterling-etsi: add RDEPENDSJanine Hagemann
2020-02-18barebox: imx6: Update recipe to v2019.11.0-phy1Stefan Riedmueller
2020-02-18barebox: Add bison-native dependencyStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-18barebox: Update license checksumStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-06recipes bsp|kernel: Add phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2 to compatible machineTeresa Remmet
2019-12-19u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe version to v2019.04_1.0.0-phy2Norbert Wesp
2019-12-19i.mx6: change to generic path for barebox image nameMaik Otto
2019-12-13u-boot-imx: imx8m: Update recipe version to v2018.03-phy4Christian Hemp
2019-12-10recipes-bsp: u-boot: update bbappend to match new versionNorbert Wesp
2019-12-04u-boot-imx: imx8m: Update recipe version to v2018.03-phy3Christian Hemp
2019-11-28imx-sc-firmware: move recipe to dynamic-layersNorbert Wesp
2019-11-28recipes-bsp: firmware: Update the recipeJanine Hagemann
2019-11-22brcm-patchram-plus: fix rebuildStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-11-22recipes-bsp: imx-sc-firmware: Add imx-sc-firmware recipeTeresa Remmet