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2019-05-10recipes-bsp: Add recipe to support sterling-lwbJanine Hagemann
2018-05-08license: Update freescale vpu license in license directoryStefan Riedmueller
2017-02-16license: Add EULA for the MALI userspace driversWadim Egorov
2016-11-10imx-gpu-viv: update to version 5.0.11.p8.6-hfpStefan Christ
2015-12-14license: Add freescale-v6-february-2015 license to license directoryStefan Christ
2015-11-23linux-firmware: Add ti-connectivity license to license directoryStefan Müller-Klieser
2015-02-10layer: add support for opengl and qt5Stefan Müller-Klieser