path: root/conf/machine/phyflex-imx6-2.conf
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-06conf: machine: remove SUPPORTEDIMAGE variableNorbert Wesp
2018-07-18machine: imx6: kit-machines: Add vision-image to default buildStefan Riedmueller
2018-05-09machine: imx6: Add yogurt distro to SUPPORTEDIMAGEStefan Riedmueller
2017-04-20machine: i.MX6: update DESCRIPTION fieldsStefan Müller-Klieser
2016-11-29machines: imx6: refactor includes for UltraLite and Quad/DualLiteStefan Christ
2016-10-06MACHINE_FEATURES: renameStefan Müller-Klieser
2016-06-03machine: imx6: don't use _append for SOC_FAMILYStefan Christ
2016-05-09machines: imx6: update machine info from databaseStefan Müller-Klieser
2015-10-20conf: [imx6]: refactor KBUILD_DEFCONFIGStefan Christ remove BAREBOX_DEFAULT_ENV handlingStefan Christ
2015-09-15i.MX6: machine: Add SOC_FAMILY appendStefan Christ
2015-08-05linux: switch to linux-yocto includeStefan Müller-Klieser
2015-04-21conf: machine: add NOR info to phyflex-imx6-(1,2)Stefan Christ
2015-04-17conf: machine: fix additional whitespace in urlsStefan Christ
2015-03-13conf: machine: clarify phyflex-imx6-? machinesStefan Christ
2015-01-28conf: machine: Add machine feature alsaStefan Christ
2015-01-23conf: machine: Fix require in all machine filesStefan Christ
2015-01-22conf: machine: Add feature can to MACHINE_FEATURESStefan Christ
2014-12-18conf:machine: Use article number in @DESCRIPTIONStefan Christ
2014-12-18conf:machine: Fix typo in @NAME in phyflex-imx6-2Stefan Christ
2014-12-01conf:machine: Add phyflex with 1GB RAM on 1BankChristian Hemp