AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 dayslinux-mainline: imx6: Update kernel version to v4.19.100-phy1zeusStefan Riedmueller
7 daysbarebox: imx6: Use of_property for display timing adjustmentsStefan Riedmueller
7 daysbarebox: imx6: Remove obsolete patchStefan Riedmueller
7 daysbarebox: imx6: Unify boot scripts for all imx6 platformsStefan Riedmueller
7 daysbarebox: imx6: Update DT node addresses in environmentStefan Riedmueller
7 dayslinux: Update LICENSE md5sum to latest kernel versionStefan Riedmueller
7 daysconf: machine: phyimx6: Remove Trailing whitespaces in comment for the kernelMaik Otto
7 dayswks: add imx6 secureboot sdcard image with additional keys partitionMaik Otto
10 daysconf: machine: phyimx6: add support for secureboot sdcard image with fitImageMaik Otto
10 daysfirmware: laird-sterling-etsi: add RDEPENDSJanine Hagemann
10 daysmachine: imx8: Add oftree file to IMAGE_BOOT_FILESTeresa Remmet
10 daysconf: machine: Replace parse_dtbs by oftree + KERNEL_DEVICETREEStefan Riedmueller
10 dayslinux-common: Deploy first devicetree in KERNEL_DEVICETREE as oftreeStefan Riedmueller
10 daysbarebox: imx6: Update recipe to v2019.11.0-phy1Stefan Riedmueller
10 daysbarebox: Add bison-native dependencyStefan Riedmueller
10 daysbarebox: Update license checksumStefan Riedmueller
10 daysconf: local.conf.sample: Fix imx6 rauc wks filenameStefan Riedmueller
10 daysbbu: Add eMMC support to bbu packageWadim Egorov
2020-02-06classes: fitimage.bbclass: Image/Kernel Artifact Naming ChangesNorbert Wesp
2020-02-06machine: rename gst-player to gst-examplesNorbert Wesp
2020-02-06linux-imx: imx8: Update to v4.14.98-phy5:Christian Hemp
2020-02-06recipes bsp|kernel: Add phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2 to compatible machineTeresa Remmet
2020-02-06conf: machine: phyboard-mira-imx6-14: Add emmc MACHINE_FEATURESStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-06local.conf.sample: Add option to use rauc A/B system on sdcard imageStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-06wic: imx6-update-sdcard.wks: Rename to imx6-rauc-sdcard.wksStefan Riedmueller
2020-02-06recipes-graphics: mesa: fix build for gallium driverNorbert Wesp
2019-12-19linux-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe version to 4.19.35_1.0.0-phy2Norbert Wesp
2019-12-19u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe version to v2019.04_1.0.0-phy2Norbert Wesp
2019-12-19i.mx6: change to generic path for barebox image nameMaik Otto
2019-12-13u-boot-imx: imx8m: Update recipe version to v2018.03-phy4Christian Hemp
2019-12-11machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2: Add machineTeresa Remmet
2019-12-11machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-1: Set to deprecatedTeresa Remmet
2019-12-11recipes-kernel: perf: disable scripting PACKAGECONFIGNorbert Wesp
2019-12-10Revert "recipes-bsp: u-boot: change version of bbappend-file"Stefan Müller-Klieser
2019-12-10Revert "recipes-bsp: u-boot: update bbappend to match new version"Stefan Müller-Klieser
2019-12-10machine: add specific WKS_FILES for mx8m machinesNorbert Wesp
2019-12-10recipes-bsp: u-boot: update bbappend to match new versionNorbert Wesp
2019-12-05conf: local.conf.sample: fix typoNorbert Wesp
2019-12-05recipes-graphics: xorg-xserver: Make xserver build even without glxTeresa Remmet
2019-12-04u-boot-imx: imx8m: Update recipe version to v2018.03-phy3Christian Hemp
2019-11-29linux-imx: imx8: Update recipe version to 4.14.98-phy4Christian Hemp
2019-11-28imx-sc-firmware: move recipe to dynamic-layersNorbert Wesp
2019-11-28recipes-bsp: firmware: Update the recipeJanine Hagemann
2019-11-22brcm-patchram-plus: fix rebuildStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-11-22recipes-bsp: imx-sc-firmware: Add imx-sc-firmware recipeTeresa Remmet
2019-11-22conf: machine: phycore-imx8-2: Update firmware package nameTeresa Remmet
2019-11-22conf: machine: imx8: Create phyimx8 includeTeresa Remmet
2019-11-22scrips: init: Remove meta-filesystemsTeresa Remmet
2019-11-22scripts: wic: imx8* Rename sourceparamsTeresa Remmet
2019-11-22dynmaic-layers: imx-boot: Update recipe for warriorTeresa Remmet