AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysstm32: machine common: specify wifi firmware to use2.6.3-phy4thudStefan Müller-Klieser
4 daysstm32: linux-stm32mp: remove left over of the motor control demoStefan Müller-Klieser
4 daysstm32: linux-stm32mp: fix patch for touch controllerStefan Müller-Klieser
4 daysstm32: remove unhandled alpha bsp patchesStefan Müller-Klieser
4 daysstm32: demo-launcher: add png checksumStefan Müller-Klieser
7 daysconf: distro: openstlinux-tiny correct name and destription in commentsChristophe Parant
7 dayslinux-stm32mp: align with linux-stm32mp v4.19.94-phy last commitChristophe Parant
7 dayslinux-stm32mp: dts: correct dtsi expansion names for alpha1 boardChristophe Parant
7 daysstm32mp: conf: machine: detete unused variable QT_QPA_PLATFORMChristophe Parant
7 daysstm32mp: conf/template: update conf-notes.txtChristophe Parant
7 daysstm32mp: add linuxfb script configuration for machine without gpuChristophe Parant
7 daysstm32mp: qtbase : use linuxfb when MACHINE is not equipped with GPUChristophe Parant
7 daysstm32mp: rename the created QT image to st-example-image-qt-minimalChristophe Parant
7 daysstm32mp: recipes-qt : remove phytec-qtdemoChristophe Parant
7 daysST GTK demo-launcher: Customize demo for PHYTECChristophe Parant
7 daysphycore-stm32mp: conf/template: customize conf-notes.txtChristophe Parant
7 daysconf/machine: conf/local.conf : add HDMI edid firmwareChristophe Parant
7 daysphycore-stm32mp: local.conf.sample: add phytec git sources selectionChristophe Parant
7 daystf-a-stm32mp: add phytec sources git modeChristophe Parant
7 daysu-boot-stm32mp: add phytec sources git modeChristophe Parant
7 dayslinux-stm32mp: add phytec git mode for kernelChristophe Parant
7 daysphycore-stm32mp1 machine: delete PREFERRED_VERSION of u-boot and kernelChristophe Parant
7 dayslinux-stm32mp: dts: rename PEB-WLBT-05 wlan expansion include dtsi fileChristophe Parant
7 dayslinux-stm32mp: ARM/driver: delete unused patchChristophe Parant
7 daysARM: dts: add regulator-fixed to WLAN gpio enable pinChristophe Parant
7 dayslinux-stm32mp: dts: peb-av01-hdmi: add regulator-fixed to HDMI moduleChristophe Parant
7 daystf-a-stm32mp: update DTS for 800MHz CPU versionChristophe Parant
7 daysQT image: add customized QT image and add phytec-qtdemoChristophe Parant
8 daysstm32mp machine features and gpu from ST: does not need to be forkedChristophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp: add PEB-WLBT-05 wifi/bluetooth dtsi expansionChristophe Parant
8 daysmachine conf: correction of machine phycore-stm32mp1-2Christophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp: add phycore-stm32mp1-2 example dts filesChristophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp: correct machine 2Christophe Parant
8 daysu-boot-stm32mp: correct machine 2, 6, and 7Christophe Parant
8 daystf-a-stm32mp: correct ddr 512MB configurationChristophe Parant
8 daystf-a-stm32mp: change machine 2 configurationChristophe Parant
8 daysu-boot-stm32mp : global cleaning on phyCORE and phyBOARD DTS filesChristophe Parant
8 daysu-boot-stm32mp : DTS update (stm32mp157 650Mz version only)Christophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : rename phyboard expansion dtsi filesChristophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp DTS: add ADC+PWM Cortex A7 Sargas configChristophe Parant
8 daystf-a-stm32mp : update DTS file (stm32mp157cac version)Christophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : correct and clean phycore-stm32mp1-x-m4-examples.dtsChristophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : phyCORE DTS updateChristophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : clean phyboard pinctrlChristophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : clean phyboard-stm32mp1.dtsi (delete unused node)Christophe Parant
8 daystf-a-stm32mp: Use TIM12 for HCI and CSI oscillators calibrationChristophe Parant
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : Fix sleep mode pinmux for Ethernet controllerDominique Vovard
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : update PMIC configuration (650Mz version)Christophe Parant
8 daystf-a-stm3mp: u-boot-stm32mp: linux-stm32mp: Disable Watchdog IWDG2Dominique Vovard
8 dayslinux-stm32mp : test dsi RPI display touch scren supportDominique Vovard