AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-08gstreamer-plugins-bad: Enable wayland plugin2.6.2-phy3Christian Hemp
2019-08-05recipes-kernel: Update linux-mainline_4.9.98-phy5 to *-phy6Martin Schwan
2019-08-05imx-kobs: reorder flash order to be power cut tolerantJan Remmet
2019-08-01machine: Add phyflex-imx6-11Stefan Riedmueller
2019-08-01linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.134-phy1Stefan Riedmueller
2019-08-01barebox: imx6: Update recipe version to v2017.12.0-phy4Stefan Riedmueller
2019-07-24barebox_2017.12.0-phy3: Add upstream commitNorbert Wesp
2019-07-22bbu: check release from barebox imagesJan Remmet
2019-07-22recipes-bsp: imx-kobs: clean up outputJan Remmet
2019-07-17kernel: linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.126-phy1Stefan Riedmueller
2019-07-17kernel/barebox/u-boot: Fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE expressionsNorbert Wesp Replace 2nd maintainer s/Wadim Egorov/Norbert WespWadim Egorov
2019-07-17barebox: imx6: Don't use wildcards in RAUC init scriptsStefan Riedmueller
2019-07-08wic: Add WIC kickstarter file for imx8 SD card imageChristian Hemp
2019-07-08classes: wic-helper: Add helper class for imx8 boardsJanine Hagemann
2019-07-08wic: Add WIC kickstarter file for imx8mq SD card imageJanine Hagemann
2019-06-12barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy42.6.2-phy2Stefan Riedmueller
2019-06-12barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy3Stefan Riedmueller
2019-06-12linux-dummy.bbappend: remove appendStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-06-12i.mx6: barebox: add support for secure bootMaik Otto
2019-06-12barebox: add support for secure bootMaik Otto
2019-06-12class: add creation of fit-image for secure bootMaik Otto
2019-06-12recipes-devtools: add nxp cst tool for signing bareboxMaik Otto
2019-05-28phylib: add poky version meta infoStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-28phylib: optimize runtimeStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-20recipes-bsp: barebox: Update tag to v2018.11.0-phy3Teresa Remmet
2019-05-20local.conf: enable git shallow clonesStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-20firmware-imx: add protection against version conflictStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-15phyboard-wega-r2-am335x-1: remove sdk from SUPPORTEDIMAGE2.6.2-phy1Norbert Wesp
2019-05-14libgbm: provide virtual/libgbm for easy switching b/w providersNorbert Wesp
2019-05-14libgbm: fix undefined minor/major symbols with new glibcNorbert Wesp
2019-05-14libgbm: cleanup (upstream)Norbert Wesp
2019-05-10recipes-bsp: Add recipe to support sterling-lwbJanine Hagemann
2019-05-10barebox: imx6ul: Use more generic boot script names for RAUCStefan Riedmueller
2019-05-10barebox: imx6ul: rauc scripts: Fix ubi volume orderStefan Riedmueller
2019-05-10kconfig.bbclass: fix config command callStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-10linux: clean up config fragmentsStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-06recipes-kernel: imx6ul: Update recipe to v4.14.93-phy2Stefan Riedmueller
2019-05-06conf: machines: phyboard-segin: Switch to new barebox name schemeStefan Riedmueller
2019-05-03recipes-kernel: Update linux-mainline_4.9.98-phy4 to *-phy5Martin Schwan
2019-05-03rs485test: obey CFLAGS for compilationStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-03mmdc: fix buildStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-04-29barebox: imx6ul: Reduce CMA size for low cost SeginStefan Riedmueller
2019-04-29machine: imx6ul: Add SDK build hook for i.MX 6UL/ULL KitStefan Riedmueller
2019-04-29barebox: imx6ul: env: boot: net: Replace bootargs-ip by ip_route_getStefan Riedmueller
2019-04-29barebox: imx6ul: Add linux devname to eth0 settingsStefan Riedmueller
2019-04-29recipes-bsp: barebox: imx6ul: Add environment support for RAUCStefan Riedmueller
2019-04-29recipes-bsp: barebox: imx6ul: Add camera options to environmentStefan Riedmueller
2019-04-29conf: machines: Add machine phyboard-segin-imx6ul-7Stefan Riedmueller
2019-04-29barebox: imx6ul: Remove regulators node from device tree fixupsStefan Riedmueller