AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysrecipes-bsp: barebox: Update tag to v2019.01.0-phy8HEADmasterRobert Karszniewicz
6 daysconf: machine: phycore-imx8-2: Update includeTeresa Remmet
6 daysrecipes-devtools: nxp-cst: Add NXP cst tool version 3.3.0 and 3.3.1Maik Otto
9 daysconf: machine: phyimx6ul: Build firmware-imx-sdma-imx6qRobert Karszniewicz
9 daysconf: machine: phyboard-polaris-imx8m-3: Change arm64 includeJanine Hagemann
9 daysclasses: fitimage.bbclass: Fix "signer" property nameAlbert Schwarzkopf
9 daysbarebox: imx6ul: Add environment variables for RAUC support with eMMCCem Tenruh
9 daysbarebox: imx6/ul: change "mmcid" variable name to "sdid"Cem Tenruh
9 daysBSPYOCTOIMX6-1458 barebox: update mmc boot scripts for booting via PARTUUIDRobert Karszniewicz
11 daysbarebox: imx6/ul: Separate barebox boot scripts from barebox recipesCem Tenruh
2020-09-04init_bblayers.conf: do not sort layers_to_addNorbert Wesp
2020-09-03BSPYOCTOIMX6-1003 firmwared: add recipeRobert Karszniewicz
2020-08-28kernel: remove HEAD linux recipesJan Remmet
2020-08-28machine: phyimx8: Remove machine overwrites for IMAGE_FSTYPESMartin Schwan
2020-08-27scripts: init: remove manually added sublayers for NXP buildsNorbert Wesp
2020-08-27bblayers.conf: move meta data about active layers to the manifest.xmlStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-08-24fitimage.bbclass: Set default values for loadaddress and entrypointMartin Schwan
2020-08-24fitimage.bbclass: Replace "aarch64" with "arm64" in FIT archMartin Schwan
2020-08-24fitimage.bbclass: Set a default for FIT image signing switchMartin Schwan
2020-08-24linux-common: correct CVE_VERSION for all recipesJan Welslau
2020-08-24conf: machine: Add machine phyboard-segin-imx6ul-8Yunus Bas
2020-08-24recipes-bsp: barebox: Remove rauc environments from i.MX6UL/ULL with eMMCYunus Bas
2020-08-24barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy7Yunus Bas
2020-08-24linux-mainline: imx6ul: Update recipe version to v4.14.184-phy1Yunus Bas
2020-08-24barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2019.01.0-phy6Yunus Bas
2020-08-24recipes-kernel: imx6ul: Update recipe to v4.14.93-phy3Stefan Riedmueller
2020-08-14linux-vanilla: Add phyboard-segin-2 machineWadim Egorov
2020-08-14dynamic-layers: imx-atf: Use older atf version for phyBOARD-PolisTeresa Remmet
2020-08-14dynamic-layer: imx-mkimage: Remove imx-mkimage appendTeresa Remmet
2020-08-14dynamic-layers: imx-mkimage: Revert patch for device tree checkTeresa Remmet
2020-08-14dynamic-layers: imx-mkimage: Update to imx-boot-phytec_1.0Teresa Remmet
2020-08-14u-boot: upgrade 2020.04 -> 2020.07Wadim Egorov
2020-08-14linux-vanilla: Add linux-vanilla_master recipeWadim Egorov
2020-08-14linux-mainline_4.19.y: Remove buildinfo inheritWadim Egorov
2020-08-14linux-mainline_5.4.y: add recipeJan Remmet
2020-08-14linux-vanilla: Add phyboard-segin-7 machineWadim Egorov
2020-08-14u-boot: Fix u-boot for phyCORE-RK3288Wadim Egorov
2020-08-14rkeeprom: Switch to python3 and fixup required dependenciesWadim Egorov
2020-08-14rockchip: Cleanup graphic stackWadim Egorov
2020-08-14conf: machine: Remove phycore-rk3288-4Wadim Egorov
2020-08-14linux-mainline: Remove Kernel recipes for rk3288 boardsWadim Egorov
2020-08-14linux-mainline_4.19.y: Set SRCREV to AUTOREVWadim Egorov
2020-08-14linux-vanilla: Update to version linux-5.7.11Wadim Egorov
2020-07-20conf: machine: phyimx6: Build firmware-imx-sdma-imx6qRobert Karszniewicz
2020-07-06linux-mainline: imx6: Update kernel version to v4.19.100-phy3Stefan Riedmueller
2020-07-03HACK: linux-common: add perf build patchJan Remmet
2020-06-30conf: machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-3: Update according to NXP machine changesTeresa Remmet
2020-06-29machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-3: Change arm64 includeTeresa Remmet
2020-06-29machine: Remove deprecated phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2Teresa Remmet
2020-06-29conf: phyimx6ul: set BAREBOX_BINARY and secureboot related variablesAlbert Schwarzkopf