AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysrecipes-bsp: barebox-targettools: Change TARGETCFLAGS to userccflagsHEADmasterYunus Bas
3 daysu-boot: upgrade 2020.07 -> 2020.10Wadim Egorov
3 daysdynamic-layers: freescale-layer: linux-imx: Update kernel tag to v5.4.47_2.2....Christian Hemp
3 daysbarebox: Provide barebox imd-header with CRC32 checksumYunus Bas
8 daysdynamic-layers: freescale-layer: linux-imx: Update kernel tag to v5.4.47_2.2....Teresa Remmet
2020-11-12lm_sensors: Add config for phyBOARD-PolluxTeresa Remmet
2020-11-12dynamic-layer: imx-mkimage: imx-boot-phytec: Fix file namesTeresa Remmet
2020-11-12barebox: imx6ul: Set watchdog timeoutYunus Bas
2020-11-12barebox: boot-scripts: Change rootfs size calculationMartin Schwan
2020-11-12layer.conf: bind compat to oe-coreStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-11-04stm32mp1: switch default source to our git serverStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-11-02barebox: imx6ul: Reduce cma size on phyboard-seginYunus Bas
2020-11-02linux: Add BPF to debug config fragmentYunus Bas
2020-11-02class: fitimage: Delete deltask for sdk and package install supportMaik Otto
2020-11-02barebox: boot-scripts: Style fixesMartin Schwan
2020-11-02barebox: Add RAUC boot scripts for phyboard-mira-imx6-13Martin Schwan
2020-11-02barebox: Separate RAUC NAND boot scriptsMartin Schwan
2020-11-02conf: machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-3: Read U-Boot SPI imageTeresa Remmet
2020-11-02conf: machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mn-1: Rename kernel device treeTeresa Remmet
2020-11-02conf: machine: Add initial machine for phyBOARD-PolluxTeresa Remmet
2020-11-02dynamic-layers: freescale-layer: linux-imx: Update kernel tag to v5.4.47_2.2....Teresa Remmet
2020-11-02u-boot-imx: Update to v2020.04_2.2.0-phy2Christian Hemp
2020-11-02stm32mp: tf-a-stm32mp: configure recipe to use devupstreamChristophe Parant
2020-11-02stm32mp: tf-a-stm32mp: add "tf-a-stm32mp-serialboot" bbappendChristophe Parant
2020-11-02stm32mp: linux: add config fragments to support phycore-stm32mp1Christophe Parant
2020-11-02stm32mp: linux-stm32mp: update revision and use devupstreamChristophe Parant
2020-11-02stm32mp: u-boot-stm32mp: update revision and use devupstreamChristophe Parant
2020-11-02conf: phycore-stm32mp1: add 512MB NAND supportChristophe Parant
2020-11-02conf: machine: phycore-stm32mp1-6: add EULA and extlinux configurationChristophe Parant
2020-11-02conf: machine: add support for phycore-stm32mp1-6 machineChristophe Parant
2020-11-02conf: stm32mp machine: define default FDT for u-boot extlinuxChristophe Parant
2020-11-02conf: stm32mp machines: split "phytec-machine-extlinux-config-stm32mp"Christophe Parant
2020-11-02stm32mp: u-boot: remove "u-boot-stm32mp-extlinux" recipeChristophe Parant
2020-11-02stm32mp: m4projects-stm32mp1: temporary modificationChristophe Parant
2020-11-02conf: machine: add support for phycore-stm32mp1-3 machineChristophe Parant
2020-11-02classes: stm32mp1: remove unused bbclass filesChristophe Parant
2020-11-02conf: phycore-stm32mp1 machines: update common configuration filesChristophe Parant
2020-11-02linux-common: add tpm2 activation depends on the MACHINE FEATURE tpm2Maik Otto
2020-11-02recipes-bsp: u-boot-imx: add phygate-tauri-imx8mm boards to 2020.04_2.2.0-phy1Maik Otto
2020-11-02dynamic-layer: linux-imx: add phygate-tauri-imx8mm boards to 5.4.47_2.2.0-phy1Maik Otto
2020-11-02conf: machine: add phygate-tauri-imx8mm boardsMaik Otto
2020-10-30barebox_2020.09: Set fitImage for Secure Boot and Protection Level SupportMaik Otto
2020-10-30fitImage: change Kernel name from fitImage.fitimg to fitImageMaik Otto
2020-10-30class: fitimage: set default for load and entry address to emptyMaik Otto
2020-10-29scripts: init: Add container usage messageWadim Egorov
2020-10-22wic: Add wks file for RAUC image for i.MX8MN and i.MX8MPCem Tenruh
2020-10-15recipes-graphics: Remove proprietary driver library recipe imx-gpu-vivWadim Egorov
2020-10-15recipes-kernel: Remove linux-imx_4.1.15-phy3.bbWadim Egorov
2020-10-15recipes-graphics: Remove libsdl bbappendWadim Egorov
2020-10-15recipes-devtools: don't use trailing slash in SWadim Egorov