AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-25recipes-kernel: linux: license file changed with newer kernel versionHEADmasterTeresa Remmet
2019-10-25machine: Add support for phyBOARD-Polis-i.MX8MMTeresa Remmet
2019-10-25linux-imx: Add recipe for v4.19.35_1.0.0-phy1Teresa Remmet
2019-10-25uboot-imx: imx8mm: Add recipe for v2019.04_1.0.0-phy1Teresa Remmet
2019-10-25u-boot-imx: imx8m: Update recipe version to v2018.03-phy2Christian Hemp
2019-10-25linux-imx: imx8: Update recipe version to v4.14.98-phy3Christian Hemp
2019-10-25firmware: laird-sterling-etsi: add RREPLACES and RPROVIDESNorbert Wesp
2019-10-23layer: add support for phyCORE-STM32MP1Stefan Müller-Klieser
2019-10-23mesa: guard package arch settingStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-10-23weston: add rk3288 guard to changesStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-10-23gstreamer-plugins-bad: remove appendStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-10-22bayer2rgb: remove required tune feature for aarch64Christian Hemp
2019-10-21conf: local.conf.sample: use _append instead of +=Norbert Wesp
2019-10-21recipes-devtool: add phytec-eeprom-flashtool recipeNorbert Wesp
2019-10-21dynamic-layers: fsl-bsp-release: imx-mkimage: Fix make callTeresa Remmet
2019-10-21dynamic-layers: imx-boot: overwrite do_compile taskChristian Hemp
2019-10-21dynamic-layers: imx-mkimage: Add patch to parse dtb nameChristian Hemp
2019-10-17conf: machine: phyboard-polaris-imx8m: Change dts namesJanine Hagemann
2019-10-17conf: machine: phyboard-polaris-imx8m-3: Add new machine fileJanine Hagemann
2019-10-17kernel: Update to linux-imx_4.14.98-phy2Christian Hemp
2019-10-17linux-imx: Add recipe for v4.14.98-phy1Christian Hemp
2019-10-17uboot-imx: imx8: Add recipe for v2018.03-phy1Christian Hemp
2019-10-17conf: machine: phyboard-polaris-imx8m: Add sterling dtbJanine Hagemann
2019-10-17conf: layer.conf: change LAYERSERIES_COMPAT to zeusNorbert Wesp
2019-09-24barebox: imx6: Update recipe version to v2017.12.0-phy6Stefan Riedmueller
2019-09-13machine: Add machine phyboard-polaris-2Christian Hemp
2019-09-12linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.134-phy2Stefan Riedmueller
2019-09-12barebox: imx6: Update recipe version to v2017.12.0-phy5Stefan Riedmueller
2019-09-06recipes-graphics: delete upstream removed eglinfoNorbert Wesp
2019-09-06conf: machine: remove SUPPORTEDIMAGE variableNorbert Wesp
2019-09-03machine: phycore-imx8-2: use 'include' instead of 'require'Norbert Wesp
2019-08-23machine: phycore-imx8-2.conf: fix file permissionStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-08-23conf: machine: i.MX8: Enable wifi featureJanine Hagemann
2019-08-23conf: machine: phycore-imx8-2: Use IMAGE_BOOT_FILES variableChristian Hemp
2019-08-23machine: imx8qm: Add support for phycore-imx8-2Christian Hemp
2019-08-23scripts: copy_file_by_priority: handle layer without priorityJan Remmet
2019-08-23scripts: Add specifics for imx8 in our yocto initNorbert Wesp
2019-08-23recipes-bsp: firmware: Add some data to sterling recipeJanine Hagemann
2019-08-23recipes-kernel: Update linux-mainline to 4.19Wadim Egorov
2019-08-16bbu: barebox-targettools not for i.MX8Christian Hemp
2019-08-08gstreamer-plugins-bad: Enable wayland pluginChristian Hemp
2019-08-05recipes-kernel: Update linux-mainline_4.9.98-phy5 to *-phy6Martin Schwan
2019-08-05imx-kobs: reorder flash order to be power cut tolerantJan Remmet
2019-08-01machine: Add phyflex-imx6-11Stefan Riedmueller
2019-08-01linux-mainline: imx6: Update recipe version to v4.14.134-phy1Stefan Riedmueller
2019-08-01barebox: imx6: Update recipe version to v2017.12.0-phy4Stefan Riedmueller
2019-07-31u-boot: Update version of append-fileNorbert Wesp
2019-07-24barebox_2017.12.0-phy3: Add upstream commitNorbert Wesp
2019-07-22bbu: check release from barebox imagesJan Remmet
2019-07-22recipes-bsp: imx-kobs: clean up outputJan Remmet