AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
38 hourslinux-mainline: imx6: Update kernel version to v4.19.100-phy3HEADmasterStefan Riedmueller
5 daysHACK: linux-common: add perf build patchJan Remmet
8 daysconf: machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-3: Update according to NXP machine changesTeresa Remmet
9 daysmachine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-3: Change arm64 includeTeresa Remmet
9 daysmachine: Remove deprecated phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2Teresa Remmet
9 daysconf: phyimx6ul: set BAREBOX_BINARY and secureboot related variablesAlbert Schwarzkopf
14 daysscripts: Update scripts for NXP release imx-5.4.3-2.0.0Christian Hemp
14 daysu-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy5Christian Hemp
14 daysrecipes-devtool: update phytec-eeprom-flashtool recipeJanine Hagemann
14 daysrecipes-graphics: mesa: remove upstreamed patchJan Remmet
14 daysconf: machine: include: phyimx8: Add PREFERRED_PROVIDER_opencl-headers_imxJanine Hagemann
14 daysconf: machine: include: phyimx8: Add PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot-fw-utilJanine Hagemann
14 daysphyimx8: remove leftoverStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-06-22conf: machine: phyboard-polaris-3: Change the name from sterling dtbJanine Hagemann
2020-06-22conf: machine: phyboard-polaris-2: Change the name from dtbJanine Hagemann
2020-06-18u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy4Teresa Remmet
2020-06-18linux-imx: imx8: Update kernel to version v4.19.35_1.1.0-phy4Teresa Remmet
2020-06-15phyimx8: add initial defaultsStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-06-15linux-imx: move recipes to dynamic layersStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-06-15linux-imx: add vivante gpu handlerStefan Müller-Klieser
2020-06-08barebox-secureboot: fix typoAlbert Schwarzkopf
2020-06-04scripts: init: Add NXP specifics for IoTEdge on i.MX8Martin Schwan
2020-05-28linux-mainline: imx6: Update kernel version to v4.19.100-phy2Stefan Riedmueller
2020-05-28linux-imx: imx8: Update to v4.14.98-phy6Martin Schwan
2020-05-28gstreamer1.0-plugin-bayer2rgb-neon: Update to version 0.4Martin Schwan
2020-05-28barebox: imx6: Update recipe to v2019.11.0-phy2Stefan Riedmueller
2020-05-07u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy3Christian Hemp
2020-05-07linux-imx: imx8: Update kernel version to v4.19.35_1.1.0-phy3Christian Hemp
2020-05-07recipes-devtool: update phytec-eeprom-flashtool recipeDaniel Schultz
2020-04-30u-boot: Update version of append-fileNorbert Wesp
2020-04-28conf: machine: phyboard-mira-imx6-8: Add emmc MACHINE_FEATURESStefan Riedmueller
2020-04-28recipes: inherit python3 bbclassesNorbert Wesp
2020-04-28layer.conf: Set LAYERSERIES_COMPAT to dunfellNorbert Wesp
2020-04-28bbu_emmc: Read proper Bits to determine selected boot partitionWadim Egorov
2020-04-28conf: machine: Add support for phyboard-polis-imx8mm-3Teresa Remmet
2020-04-28linux-imx: imx8: Update kernel version to v4.19.35_1.1.0-phy2Christian Hemp
2020-04-28u-boot-imx: imx8mm: Update recipe to v2019.04_1.1.0-phy2Christian Hemp
2020-04-07machine: phyboard-polis-imx8mm-2: also build u-boot for spi flashJan Remmet
2020-04-07imx-boot-phytec: use own recipe with support of multiple UBOOT_CONFIGJan Remmet
2020-04-07imx-boot: copy imx-boot recipe from meta-fsl-bsp-releaseJan Remmet
2020-04-07scripts: wic: remove imx6-secureboot-sdimageMaik Otto
2020-04-07conf: phyimx6: set var BARBOX_BINARY and delete wks secureboot versionMaik Otto
2020-04-07scripts: wic: change static bootloader name to variable BAREBOX_BINARYMaik Otto
2020-04-07class: wic-helper: add BAREBOX_BINARY to WICVARSMaik Otto
2020-04-07barebox: imx6: boot scripts: Fix emmc decisionStefan Riedmueller
2020-04-07dynamic-layers: qt5-layer: Remove qtmultimedia bbappendTeresa Remmet
2020-04-02BSPYOCTO-563 kconfig.bbclass: merge INTREE_DEFCONFIGJan Remmet
2020-04-02kconfig.bbclass: remove sub shell workaroundJan Remmet
2020-04-02recipes-bsp: lm_sensors: Make fancontrol usable with imx8mmTeresa Remmet
2020-04-01mesa: fix imx-drm / kmsro / gallium patchesNorbert Wesp