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barebox: imx6ul: Update recipe to v2020.09.0-phy1
Changes from v2020.01.0 to v2020.09.0-phy1: HACK: kbuild: Add TARGETCFLAGS to targettool build fs: Use explicit mount point for cdev default automount entries mtd: Notify user when erasure of a block failed during erase op show_progress: Support 64 bit sizes nandtest: Fix status print for NAND which size exceeds 4 GB mtd: nand_bbt: Use mtd block_markbad function mtd: nand_bbt: Skip bad blocks when searching for the BBT in NAND mtd: nand_bbt: scan_read_oob: Fix while loop abort criteria imx-bbu-nand-fcb: Warn if the barebox partition is too small net: eth: of_fixup_node: Use getting node by alias as fallback clk: imx6: enfc: Locate the enfc clock gate at the correct position ARM: imx_v7_defconfig: Update defconfig UPSTREAM: bootm: add global.bootm.root_dev env var for booting via PARTUUID UPSTREAM: ARM: dts: imx6ul: phycore: Add phyCORE i.MX6 UL with eMMC UPSTREAM: arch: arm: mach-imx: Add habv4 config file for i.MX6ULL UPSTREAM: arch: arm: boards phytec: Split flash header for pcl063 with i.MX6Ul and i.MX6ULL UPSTREAM: bootm: Allow loading OP-TEE from FIT image UPSTREAM: common: bootm: Add missing check of fit_open_image() return code Signed-off-by: Yunus Bas <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Müller-Klieser <>
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