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authorStefan Müller-Klieser <>2018-07-30 16:18:03 (GMT)
committerStefan Müller-Klieser <>2018-08-02 14:44:40 (GMT)
commit931faaaf44d56ffb3a66197c2a3dc7506374acb6 (patch)
parent9724bff483a00de5ee2a9af04698133f53fb20a3 (diff)
phyboard-mira-imx6-11: use machine as sdk and tools hook
We want to store a Kit SDK and the hosttools not for every machine. In case of the Kit can live with the imperfections of one SDK for all machines. Note that, as soon as we need two different SDKs in one single BSP release, we might need to adapt the SDK deploy path from yocto, to not create a lot of weird dependencies in the build tool. Signed-off-by: Stefan Müller-Klieser <>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/conf/machine/phyboard-mira-imx6-11.conf b/conf/machine/phyboard-mira-imx6-11.conf
index 77ba32a..df21a6e 100644
--- a/conf/machine/phyboard-mira-imx6-11.conf
+++ b/conf/machine/phyboard-mira-imx6-11.conf
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
#@NAME: phyboard-mira-imx6-11
#@DESCRIPTION: PHYTEC phyBOARD-Mira full-featured i.MX6 Quad, 1GiB RAM, NAND with Display AC158
#@ARTICLENUMBERS: PB-01501-005.A2, PBA-C-06-002.A2, PCM-058-33230C0I.A3
-#@SUPPORTEDIMAGE: phytec-qt5demo-image/yogurt
+#@SUPPORTEDIMAGE: phytec-qt5demo-image/yogurt, -c populate_sdk phytec-qt5demo-image/yogurt, barebox-hosttools-native/yogurt
require conf/machine/include/