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authorTeresa Remmet <>2019-10-25 09:01:39 +0200
committerStefan Müller-Klieser <>2019-10-25 11:31:55 +0200
commit47ed12a5a44bcd0972951bea146760d2cb97bdba (patch)
parentd8af843afa883aceb27a1d96cdb226dadebf4f30 (diff)
uboot-imx: imx8mm: Add recipe for v2019.04_1.0.0-phy1
This includes basic support for i.mx8m, i.mx8qm and i.mx8mm. But only i.mx8mm is tested so far. Changes since rel_imx_4.19.35_1.0.0: configs: phycore_imx8mm: Change network parameter configs: pcl066: Fix kernel device tree name board: phytec: phycore-imx8mm: enable support for the on-board eeprom board: phytec: phycore-imx8mm: select between SD card & eMMC board: phytec: phycore-imx8mm: move environment board: phytec: imx8mm: Add PHYTEC phyCORE-i.MX8MM support configs: pcm064: Add loading the hdmi firmware configs: pcm064: Enable VIDEO_IMX_HDP_LOAD video: Remove VIDEO depends from VIDEO_IMX_HDP_LOAD pcm064: Add mmc autodetect support mx8qm: Add PHYTEC phyCORE-i.MX8QM support configs: pcl066_defconfig: Update defconfig board: phytec: pcl066: spl: Correct function to read eeprom board: phytec: pcl066: Update dram init code board: phytec: pcl066: Add 2GB support board: phytec: pcl066: spl: Add a function to read eeprom board: phytec: pcl066: Update SD-Card clock macro arm: dts: phytec-phycore-imx8mq: clean up ethernet node mx8m: Add Phytec PCL066 i.MX8M Quad drivers: net: fec_mxc: pass dt node to phy driver: net: phy: ti: Set MDI crossover auto net: Kconfig: Enable mxc fec driver also for i.MX8M net: phy: ti: Fix fifo_depth register write net: phy: ti: Disable FORCE_LINK_GOOD in PHYCTRL UPSTREAM: Revert "cmd: Kconfig: Do not include EEPROM if DM_I2C is used without DM_I2C_COMPAT" UPSTREAM: eeprom: fix DM_I2C support without CONFIG_SYS_I2C_EEPROM_BUS Signed-off-by: Teresa Remmet <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Müller-Klieser <>
1 files changed, 51 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-bsp/u-boot/ b/recipes-bsp/u-boot/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..3f214b6
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes-bsp/u-boot/
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
+DESCRIPTION = "i.MX U-Boot suppporting i.MX reference boards."
+inherit phygittag
+require recipes-bsp/u-boot/
+inherit pythonnative
+PROVIDES += "u-boot"
+DEPENDS_append = " python dtc-native bison-native"
+LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://Licenses/gpl-2.0.txt;md5=b234ee4d69f5fce4486a80fdaf4a4263"
+BRANCH = "v2019.04_1.0.0-phy"
+GIT_URL = "git://${PN}"
+SRC_URI = "${GIT_URL};branch=${BRANCH}"
+PR = "r0"
+SRCREV = "d559e713e24899d10aa385e482f83fcd9aedba59"
+S = "${WORKDIR}/git"
+BOOT_TOOLS = "imx-boot-tools"
+do_deploy_append_mx8m () {
+ # Deploy the mkimage, u-boot-nodtb.bin and fsl-imx8mq-XX.dtb for mkimage to generate boot binary
+ if [ -n "${UBOOT_CONFIG}" ]
+ then
+ for config in ${UBOOT_MACHINE}; do
+ i=$(expr $i + 1);
+ for type in ${UBOOT_CONFIG}; do
+ j=$(expr $j + 1);
+ if [ $j -eq $i ]
+ then
+ install -d ${DEPLOYDIR}/${BOOT_TOOLS}
+ install -m 0777 ${B}/${config}/arch/arm/dts/${UBOOT_DTB_NAME} ${DEPLOYDIR}/${BOOT_TOOLS}
+ install -m 0777 ${B}/${config}/tools/mkimage ${DEPLOYDIR}/${BOOT_TOOLS}/mkimage_uboot
+ install -m 0777 ${B}/${config}/u-boot-nodtb.bin ${DEPLOYDIR}/${BOOT_TOOLS}/u-boot-nodtb.bin-${MACHINE}-${UBOOT_CONFIG}
+ fi
+ done
+ unset j
+ done
+ unset i
+ fi
+UBOOT_NAME_mx8 = "u-boot-${MACHINE}.bin-${UBOOT_CONFIG}"