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authorChristian Hemp <>2019-10-24 21:16:29 +0200
committerStefan Müller-Klieser <>2019-10-25 11:25:46 +0200
commit38b97d3622f33f13ba95f68ed77a083898dcd389 (patch)
parente360c6d56a191ac464e2aa6106c047f9a1564853 (diff)
linux-imx: imx8: Update recipe version to v4.14.98-phy3
Changes from v4.14.98-phy2 to v4.14.98-phy3: arm64: defconfig: enable RTC_DRV_RV3028 arm64: dts: freescale: phytec-imx8mq-phycore-som: Add rtc rv-3028 rtc: rv3028: add rtc as wakeup-source if the alarm IRQ is given rtc: rv3029: Add device tree properties for backup switchover mode UPSTREAM: rtc: rv3028: add new driver arm64: defconfig: Enable SENSORS_GPIO_FAN arm64: dtsi: phytec-imx8mq-phyboard-polaris: Change fan gpio arm64: defconfig: Enable VIDEO_ONSEMI_AR0144 arm64: dts: phytec-imx8mq-phyboard-polaris: Add VM016 support onsemi: ar0144: changed initialization order onsemi: core: expose frequencies in debugfs onsemi: core: require and keep some device attributs in init() onsemi: core: added 'hblank (effective)' control onsemi: core: allow NULL parameters in onsemi_get_frame_size() onsemi: core: do not fail on bad S_FRAME_INTERVAL onsemi: core: avoid printing undefined values in debug output onsemi: core: fixed PLL setup on barallel bus onsemi: core: avoid overflow on 32 bit archs onsemi: core: fixed frame setup for ar052x like sensors onsemi: core: round up h_size onsemi: core: ensure correct type in limit setup onsemi: core: fixed bad type in limits onsemi: core: refactored + fixed PLL calculations onsemi: core: check limits before applying dtree settings onsemi: core: fixed 'serial_format' setup media:mx6s_capture: fixed Y10 + Y12 support media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: fixed error path arm64: dts: polaris: improved MIPI timings arm64: dts: imx8mq: added mipi + csi endpoints onsemi: ar0144: initial checkin onsemi: core: initial checkin onsemi: registered driver media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: added ctrl_handler media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: count errors media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: implemented selection API media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: link sensor pads on bind() media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: added subdev unbind method media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: fixed s_stream() media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: shuffled initializaion order of dev data media:mxc-mipi-csi2_yav: pass s_power() to subdev media:mx6s_capture: added ctrl_handler media:mx6s_capture: swapped initialization order in streamon() media:mx6s_capture: fixed error path in start_streaming() media:mx6s_capture: support some more bayer formats media:mx6s_capture: added support for gray formats media:mx6s_capture: handle case when eensor s_streamon() fails media:mx6s_capture: avoid bogus data in ENUM_INPUT media:mx6s_capture: implemented selection API media:mx6s_capture: copy whole format information in S_FMT media:mx6s_capture: differ between TRY_FMT and SET_FMT media:mx6s_capture: handle errors in sd.s_power() media:mx6s_capture: ported to v4l2_fh media:mx6s_capture: fixed NULL pointer access arm64: dts: pcl-066: Add support for hardware revision 1 arm64: dtsi: polaris-peb-av-009: Change status to okay drm: bridge: nwl-dsi: Add valid pixelclock arm64: dts: pcl-066: Fix up pci reset gpio arm64: dts: pcl-066: Adapt dts to new hardware revision arm64: dts: Add wifi/bt support for phycore-imx8 arm64: dts: phytec-imx8qm-pcm-943: Add hdmi support Signed-off-by: Christian Hemp <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Müller-Klieser <>
-rw-r--r--recipes-kernel/linux/ (renamed from recipes-kernel/linux/
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-kernel/linux/ b/recipes-kernel/linux/
index 12a9763..591041f 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/linux/
+++ b/recipes-kernel/linux/
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ PR = "${INC_PR}.0"
# NOTE: PV must be in the format "x.y.z-.*". It cannot begin with a 'v'.
# NOTE: Keep version in filename in sync with commit id!
-SRCREV = "3bdf00bfe547547889f1335f94bfc08a8ab4af4f"
+SRCREV = "9e6c6924f0312393db786cd78e859a420375b6c4"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"