BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dunfellbarebox: imx6ul: Update boot scripts for peb-av-02 and peb-wlbt-05Yunus Bas6 days Replace 2nd maintainer s/Wadim Egorov/Norbert WespNorbert Wesp15 months
masterbarebox: imx6ul: Update boot scripts for peb-av-02 and peb-wlbt-05Yunus Bas6 days
mortykernel/barebox/u-boot: Fix COMPATIBLE_MACHINE expressionsNorbert Wesp15 months
pyrodynamic-layers: qt5-layer: Remove qtmultimedia bbappendTeresa Remmet5 months
rockoinit_bblayers.conf: do not sort layers_to_addNorbert Wesp7 weeks
sumoinit_bblayers.conf: do not sort layers_to_addNorbert Wesp7 weeks
thudstm32: machine common: specify wifi firmware to useStefan Müller-Klieser5 weeks
warriorbarebox: boot scripts: mmcboot: detect mmcRobert Karszniewicz14 days
zeuslinux-imx: imx8: Update kernel to version v5.4.47_2.2.0-phy1Teresa Remmet12 days
3.1.3-phy1meta-phytec-3.1.3-phy1.tar.bz2  automatix ci3 hours
2.6.3-phy4meta-phytec-2.6.3-phy4.tar.bz2  Stefan Müller-Klieser5 weeks
2.5.3-phy16meta-phytec-2.5.3-phy16.tar.bz2  automatix ci7 weeks
2.5.3-phy15meta-phytec-2.5.3-phy15.tar.bz2  automatix ci2 months
2.7.4-phy2meta-phytec-2.7.4-phy2.tar.bz2  automatix ci3 months
2.7.4-phy1meta-phytec-2.7.4-phy1.tar.bz2  automatix ci3 months
2.7.1-phy2meta-phytec-2.7.1-phy2.tar.bz2  automatix ci4 months
2.7.1-phy1meta-phytec-2.7.1-phy1.tar.bz2  automatix ci4 months
2.7.3-phy5meta-phytec-2.7.3-phy5.tar.bz2  automatix ci4 months
2.7.3-phy4meta-phytec-2.7.3-phy4.tar.bz2  automatix ci4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-09-07e2fsprogs: Downgrade to version Egorov
2016-09-07mali-t760-libs: fix warningsStefan Christ
2016-09-07machine: phyrk3288: fix automatic RDEPENDS magicStefan Christ
2016-09-07classes: Add sd image class for RK3288 SoCsWadim Egorov
2016-09-07kernel: Add a linux-mainline 4.4.16 kernel recipeWadim Egorov
2016-09-07u-boot-spl: add support for phycore-rk3288-2Wadim Egorov
2016-09-07u-boot: Rename u-boot to u-boot-spl & update SRCREV + tagWadim Egorov
2016-09-07barebox: Update SRCREV & extend barebox tasks to support RK3288 imagesWadim Egorov
2016-09-07machine: rk3288: Add support for phycore-rk3288-2Wadim Egorov
2016-09-07machines: rk3288: Small cleanup for rk3288 machine configurationsWadim Egorov