AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-27Release version 0.4.0HEADv0.4masterMartin Schwan
2020-05-27adjusted meta information to be selected by 'autovideoconvert'Enrico Scholz
2016-12-12Release version 0.3.0v0.3Stefan Lengfeld
2016-12-12add info about release v0.2 in NEWSStefan Lengfeld
2016-12-12remove more files generated by autotoolsStefan Lengfeld
2016-12-12README: encourage VPATH buildsEnrico Scholz
2016-12-12ignore GTAGS filesEnrico Scholz
2016-12-12added ''Enrico Scholz
2016-12-12retain uppercase macro namesEnrico Scholz
2016-12-12added support for other RGB formatsEnrico Scholz
2016-12-06Update for new version 0.2.0Stefan Lengfeld
2016-12-05add compile instructions in READMEv0.2Stefan Lengfeld
2016-12-05add basic .gitignore for autotools projectStefan Lengfeld
2016-12-01rename plugin from bayer2rgb3 to bayer2rgbneonStefan Lengfeld
2016-12-01remove autotools artifacts and add autogen.shStefan Lengfeld
2016-11-30unpack gstbayer2rgb3-0.1.1.tar.xzv0.1.1Stefan Lengfeld
2016-11-30initial commitStefan Lengfeld