AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-12Release of version 0.3HEADv0.3masterChristian Hemp
2017-06-12save_raw_image: Added no_subdev flagStefan Riedmueller
2017-06-12videodev.h: Set minimum resolution to 32 pixelStefan Riedmueller
2016-10-18Release of version 0.2v0.2Stefan Lengfeld
2016-10-18save_raw_image: pretty print help messageStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-18save_raw_image: implement sub device crop supportStefan Lengfeld add Converting raw images to JPEGStefan Lengfeld add Building with YoctoStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17videodev: fix indentationStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17gitignore: ignore vim temp filesStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17save_raw_image: remove argument for subdev of color shifterStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17videodev.c: write warning message to stderrStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17fix return code check for open syscallStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17save_raw_image: fix indentation of debug outputStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17remove autotools files from source repositoryStefan Lengfeld
2016-10-17Enable cropping support in save_raw_imageStefan Lengfeld
2015-09-28add file COPYING and READMEv0.1Stefan Christ
2015-09-28fix format in copyright headerStefan Christ
2015-09-28add useful .gitignoreStefan Christ
2015-09-28add fixes and refactoring work from Alexander FratzerStefan Christ
2015-09-28unpack bvtest-0.0.1 from BSP-Phytec-phyFLEX-i.MX6-PD13.2.3v0.0.1Stefan Christ
2015-09-25initial empty commitStefan Christ