AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-09modules: demo: Adjust text for no prediction receivedHEADmasterMartin Schwan
2020-05-20Ignore modules when parsing deployment file without create-options.json0.5.1Martin Schwan
2020-05-20Remove demo module from deploymentMartin Schwan
2020-02-14module: demo: Always use sans-serif font for applicationMartin Schwan
2020-01-22modules: demo: Require older QtQuick modulesMartin Schwan
2020-01-22modules: demo: Remove fixed resolution and framerateMartin Schwan
2020-01-22modules: demo: Set proper fullscreen window stateMartin Schwan
2020-01-07modules: demo: Use QtQuick Controls 2.3Martin Schwan
2019-10-10modules: demo: Wrap long description text0.5.0Martin Schwan
2019-10-10modules: demo: Clean up prediction textMartin Schwan
2019-10-10modules: demo: Limit capture rate when no prediction receivedMartin Schwan
2019-10-02modules: demo: Add alternative application using QtQuickMartin Schwan
2019-08-06modules: model: Set static versions for Python packagesMartin Schwan
2019-08-01Add default desired properties for edgeHubMartin Schwan
2019-06-05modules: Limit container memory0.4.1Martin Schwan
2019-06-05Update README with instructions for deploymentMartin Schwan
2019-06-05modules: demo: Remove debug clutter from CLIMartin Schwan
2019-06-04Update module versions for deployment0.4.0Martin Schwan
2019-06-04docker: Merge building of module model variantsMartin Schwan
2019-06-04modules: model: Use multiarch Docker imageMartin Schwan
2019-06-04modules: demo: Correct local endpointMartin Schwan
2019-06-04modules: model: Update README textMartin Schwan
2019-05-29modules: Add ARM64 DockerfilesMartin Schwan
2019-05-29Add Docker build scriptMartin Schwan
2019-05-20modules: model: Clean up applicationMartin Schwan
2019-05-20modules: model: Optimize model application for performanceStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-20gitignore: Ignore pycacheStefan Müller-Klieser
2019-05-09Update outdated paths in README.mdMartin Schwan
2019-05-08Update module versions for deployment0.3.1Martin Schwan
2019-04-30modules: model: Use PIL image resize methodMartin Schwan
2019-04-26modules: Ignore create-options.json in Docker imagesMartin Schwan
2019-04-25Restructure deployment manifest parsingMartin Schwan
2019-04-23Do not print when parsing deployment manifestsMartin Schwan
2019-04-23Update module versions for deployment0.3.0Martin Schwan
2019-04-23Correct deployment templateMartin Schwan
2019-04-23modules: model: Update application and models to new APIMartin Schwan
2019-04-17Add a READMEMartin Schwan
2019-04-17modules: demo: Remove QT_QPA_PLATFORM variable in DockerfileMartin Schwan
2019-04-12Set correct default ports in IoT Hub deploymentMartin Schwan
2019-04-10modules: demo: Update to Custom Vision API v3.0Martin Schwan
2019-03-15modules: demo: Change style sheet0.2.1Martin Schwan
2019-03-15Update module versions for deploymentMartin Schwan
2019-03-15Correct deployment templateMartin Schwan
2019-03-15modules: Merge models into a single moduleMartin Schwan
2019-03-15modules: demo: Clean up Dockerfiles, rename armv7ahf to arm32v7Martin Schwan
2019-03-13modules: demo: Set application size to screen sizeMartin Schwan
2019-03-12modules: demo: Reduce camera frame rateMartin Schwan
2019-03-12modules: demo: Add logging mechanism0.2.0Martin Schwan
2019-03-12modules: demo: Remove qtuser from ARM DockerfileMartin Schwan
2019-03-12modules: demo: Lower the prediction thresholdMartin Schwan